Energy Generation

As an Independent Power Producer we develop renewable energy generation and energy storage solutions.

We design and execute turnkey solutions for the integration of renewable energy plants into our customer’s premises; with more than 50 MW commissioned in the last two years alone, we pride ourselves on being one of the most forward-thinking and innovative companies in the international market.

We are committed to minimising energy consumption for our customers by implementing high quality photovoltaic installations.

“In 2016 we executed more than 50 projects around LATAM, the United Kingdom and Spain.”

We provide turnkey projects for:

IEPC PV Large Scale
EPC PV Rooftop
Develop energy storage systems and distribution level energy generation

Energy Service Company

From Gamma Solutions we offer technological improvements for increasing energy efficiency.

Gamma Solutions, as an energy services company, manages industrial installations, public lightning installations, public buildings projects and all other contracts in these sectors.

We have comprehensive experience in managing of energy efficiency and public lightning project maintenance. With our overall energy management our customers can achieve savings of more than 35 %.

Public Lightning

We provide our clients maximum performance with innovative energy efficiency solutions. We also provide our own independent monitoring system ensuring real-time monitoring, swift maintenance and continuous improvements in the performance of our public lightning installations.

PPA - Power purchase agreement

We provide all the necessary tools to enable our clients to develop an efficient and sustainable network connection.

Gamma Energy has advised hundreds of agricultural customers on how to earn more from their land or reduce energy costs. Are you a landowner?

HVAC (Heat Ventilation & Air Conditioning)

We can manage the design, installation and maintenance of HVAC systems. We control and monitor air quality variables such as temperature, relative humidity and air flow. Assuring compliance with all applicable regulations and developing an understanding of an installation’s energy consumption.


We have a wealth of experience in the design, development and implementation of Co-Generation projects enabling us to provide optimisation of industrial processes and increase energy and economic performance of the installations.

Thermal power generation with renewable energy

Gamma Solutions provides turnkey projects for installation or substitution of biomass boilers, solar heating installations and mixed installations for sanitary water, heat supply and steam generators for industrial processes.

Back up

Our extensive experience allows us to offer turnkey solutions for the provision and installation of back-up power generators and energy storage solutions for clients with intermittent or non-existent electrical network connections.

Cooling equipment

We provide the complete supply and installation of cooling equipment at an international level for precision and comfort applications.

Data Centres

We are specialists in the design, construction and certification of complete Data Centre subsystems including cooling, power supply, electrical and data distribution as well as management and maintenance.


Energy Audits

We identify, analyse, evaluate and subsequently propose the most valuable energy efficiency opportunities.

Gamma Solutions auditors are officially certified by EVO in the IPMVP protocol.

Engineering and technical assistance

We offer technical services and engineering consultancy allowing our clients to execute a wide range of energy project.


The effective management of photovoltaic assets is the key to performance at a production and economic level. We have extensive experience in full asset management.


We currently operate and maintain 61 MW of renewable energy installations, with a specialised O&M team utilising our independent monitoring system developed for Gamma solutions.



We dispose of an extensive range of technologically innovative lighting products. Therefore, we can provide solution that match our clients project requirement exactly.