Gamma Energy believes that it is of paramount importance that landowners and communities are actively engaged in the development of Solar Power projects to ensure a successful outcome for all of the stakeholders in a proposed project. Solar Power is anticipated to play a major role in the future renewable energy mix for Ireland helping to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of electricity generation over the next thirty years.

    Gamma Energy has committed itself to the development of Solar Energy plants in Ireland and to work with Landowners, Communities, Local Government and other stakeholders to realise the opportunities created by photovoltaic generation, bringing our considerable engineering, technical, environmental and commercial skills, which we have developed internationally. Solar Power generation on a utility scale can provide very real benefits to landowners and their communities and when designed appropriately can be very unobtrusive.

How is a site selected?

    There are many factors that support selection of a site:

  • Agricultural land classification
  • Aspect of the site
  • Location near power transmission lines and electricity substations
  • Flood zones
  • Environmental and visual impacts
  • Proximity to dwellings, conservation areas, archaeology and heritage assets
  • Market for the power produced
  • We recognise that there may be genuine concerns relating to the potential impact of a solar farm project, for this reason Gamma’s general principles of good community engagement include transparency, constructive approach, easy contact, accessibility and dialog with all the parties involved during the development and construction phases.

Environmental benefits

Gamma’s objective is to maximise the potential of your land, making it at the same suitable for farming and solar energy production whilst always taking account of the local concerns and constraints. In this way we will contribute to improve the environment and play an important role in addressing climate change.

Contact us

    If you want to discover the opportunity that your land may hold in improving the environment and your finances whilst reducing carbon emissions, please contact us to learn how can we help you, if we can and you are happy to proceed Gamma will formalise our partnership with you in the form of a Heads of Terms agreement. Our Development Manager will be happy to assist you. So if you are a landowner that is interested in hosting a renewable energy solar farm, please feel free to contact us or complete the information request below:

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  • Chisbon

  • Stokes Marsh

  • Priors byne

  • Sowerby

  • Tonedale

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