Gamma, engineering innovation in energy & telecommunications

Gamma invests in renewables (photovoltaic and wind) and ESCO around the world. Sponsoring €500M of investment in the strategic plan for 2013-2017. In 2015 the Gamma M&A team invested more than €120 M in Europe and America. Gamma has provided engineering innovation, services & solutions, and its own products (Monitoring and Lighting) since 2002.

Gamma is present in 7 countries andm has operations in 16 covering America and Europe. Gamma connected 37MW of PV in the UK market last year and 7 ESCO Projects related to Energy efficiency. Gamma operates in the integration of different energy technologies providing complete solutions in 11 countries in America. The Company fielded a team of experts to ensure excellence .Engineering, technical support and project management combined to reach the added value in its projects.

As an engineering innovation group, Gamma provides real energy and telecommunications solutions every day. R&D investment is in the DNA of Gamma with a practical view of producing solutions for customers' needs.